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GamersXP is a Proof-of-Achievement Gaming reward platform. A unique fusion of Play and earn mechanics for mainstream AAA Games, eSports tournaments, Giveaway Raffles, Gaming ID, Games Hub, and DeFi, into an exciting gaming platform. Platform features a P2E mechanism for top Mainstream AAA games, like Fortnite, CS2, etc, that can track and use game events of AAA games in real-time, for moment-by-moment game events such as kills, deaths, damage dealt, and many more.

We will provide a unique gaming ecosystem where gamers can benefit just by playing the games they love. The GamersXP Reward platform encompasses six domains, each with a unique set of offerings dedicated to optimizing the overall user experience.

GamersXP team is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have a diverse range of expertise. This includes knowledge and experience in the fields of blockchain technology, web development, game development, marketing, and much more. “Our team's collective skills and experience allow us to bring a unique and comprehensive perspective to our work."

Looking to the Future

GamersXP is designed with the gaming community at its core. The GamersXP team will be responsible for developing a unique amalgam of web and web3 gaming.

The team will be responsible for developing the functionalities that enable GamersXP to sustain its own ecosystem and provide more opportunities for its users. Products in the GamersXP ecosystem and NFTs are designed to allow new experiences.

GamersXP has been ideated with an initial roadmap that will be developed over the coming months, with the full scope expected to take several years of development. To build the world & community of GamersXP, we have created the $GMXP token. Community members & supporters who hold the tokens/NFTs will have more access and perks. Inside the GamersXP Platform, you can earn in the following ways:

  • Completing Challenges on GamersXP Reward dApp

  • Playing Matches against other real players on our eSports Platform

  • Winning Raffles on our Giveaway Pass Platform

  • Completing Special Events by participating in the GamersXP activities

  • Staking tokens on our DeFi Staking Platform allow the option to earn extra rewards, in GMXP and become part of the governance process

GamersXP will be catering to the professional eSports scene with its strategic partners, our players will be able to earn larger rewards from:

  • Competing in Competitive mode and achieving seasonal rankings

  • Winning Tournaments organized with our strategic partners where our community contributes to the prize pool

Core Features:

  • Built for maximum Gaming Experience!

  • Gaming reward platform features a Play and Earn mechanism for top Mainstream AAA games, like Fortnite, CS2, etc

  • First ever gamified rewards platform that targets both web2 & web3 users

  • Free-to-play, removing the barrier of entry for onboarding new users

  • Interoperable, designed with the vision of integrating other projects via community demand

  • Simplicity, GamersXP is designed to ease the onboarding process of new users via its simple UI-UX, gameplay, & registration

  • Play & earn, win to earn, own and monetize your data. Do it your way

  • Sustainable & rewarding economy

Genre: GameFI Platform Economy: F2P and Play-and-Earn crypto economy with Utility NFTs, ID NFTs and DeFi Platform: PC, Web, Mobile

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