The video gaming industry continues to grow at an astounding pace, boasting 2.81 billion gamers by the end of 2021 and generating a staggering $189.3 billion globally. This trend is expected to surge further, with an anticipated three billion gamers by 2023. The emergence of micro-economies within virtual realms has given rise to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as digital property records, acting as a vital component in the metaverse. As metaverses unify disparate online worlds, NFTs enable cross-chain activities like transferring avatars between games.

GamersXP's mission is to introduce a platform that extends beyond borders and channels consistent value back into the gaming industry. Unique GamersXP avatars and collectibles are minted as valuable NFTs through gamers' interactions within the platform. As the first Proof of Achievement (PoA) Gamers platform, GamersXP empowers gamers to earn rewards for their achievements, whether in eSports competitions, their favorite games, or GamersXP's exclusive titles. Through GamersXP Tokens (GMXP), users unlock NFT Avatars and Collectibles, preserving their accomplishment records.

The GamersXP dApp, developed using real-time Javascript APIs, seamlessly tracks AAA Games' events in real-time, capturing critical in-game moments. Combined with blockchain technology, this synergy creates a unique Play-to-Earn reward platform. Completing daily challenges via the dApp yields GMXP tokens, and users can purchase preferred PC game schemes to unlock extra challenges, amplifying their token earnings. With flexibility to purchase Level Up schemes for each game and regularly updated bonus challenges, user engagement is maximized, making the dApp a daily staple. The Alpha release showcases popular titles like Fortnite, CS2, Rocket League, Minecraft, Overwatch2 and PUBG, with more games and exclusive challenges slated for subsequent updates.

With a team of dedicated gamers, GamersXP champions the idea of tangible rewards for hours invested in gaming. Through GamersXP reward platform, we aim to demonstrate that gamers can reap the rewards of their dedication, showcasing how a supportive community can transform aspirations into achievements.

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